Direct Results

  • Government, Defense, International Diplomacy
  • Routine and Crisis Communications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social and Digital Media
  • Business Consulting
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Public / Keynote Speaker

Served as one of the first females on combat ships

  Office of the Secretary of Defense | U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs  | U.S. Homeland Security, Homeland Security Information Network ePM, DHS Chief Office | White House Digital Citizen Engagement Communications Playbook| Global Data-based Information Sharing and geo-mapping for Crisis Response | Young African Leader (YALI) digital and press leader, Lagos, Nigeria | Naval Criminal Investigator European Headquarters, Naples, Italy | XO International Diplomacy, G8 Summit, Camp David | Cuban repatriation and visa consular tour, Havana, Cuba | UN Nairobi, Kenya | Now focusing on our transportation security infrastructure | Our Future #ChangeAgent


Washington, DC 

Strategic Communications Director and Fellow 

 Serves as Communications Director for the People-Centered Internet

On Our Own Montgomery County Board Volunteer, Director of Communications

Core Leader, Singularity University

Private Consulting, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland

Prospero Analytics, LLC and CLJD LLC

Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC 

Principal, Strategic Communications Manager and Consultant

Advises and shapes external audience messaging from federal government programs to high- level decision makers, while ensuring that analytical techniques and conclusions support well-developed, timely narratives.

  • Supervises, mentors, and manages strategic communications and public relations teams across multiple contracts in support of homeland security and defense, with specific experience in gathering background materials for senior level officials and military commanders.
  • Consults leaders on organizational procedures, perception, relationship management and customer engagement for internal and external stakeholders. Synthesizes controversial issues into strategic and tactical communications campaigns across multiple online and print platforms.
  • Crafts, executes, and evaluates national original communications campaigns that are based on audience understanding, organizational best practices, and mission
  • Presents communications materials for specific audiences such as the White House, congress, and other federal, local, territorial, tribal and international audiences.
  • Manages budget, staffing, contractual deliverables, and resource alignment for multi-million dollar contracts.
  • Directs the design, strategy, and implementation process for web and print materials that are read above industry standards.
  • Oversees production of Annual Reports, Press Kits, Congressional Testimony, Fact Sheets, Video Sequencing, Training, and all aspects of a metrics-based strategic communications plan.

Office of the Secretary of Defense, Pentagon 

Communications and Strategic Planning Advisor

Provided strategic planning for communications to the Office of the Secretary of Defense by synthesizing complex issues to create comprehensible messaging plans intended for multiple audiences, including foreign governments, the public and the press.

  • Contributed recommendations regarding public opinion and understanding of multifaceted initiatives, announcements, or major rollouts.
  • Oversaw coordination of digital media, speeches, talking points, and press related products for national and international public affairs outreach related to DoD-wide and Secretary-level events, public information campaigns. Traveled as part of the official delegation.
  • Incorporated both news-of-the-day, crisis communications, and long-term policy planning into communications.

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Washington, DC

Chief, New Media

Managed a team of foreign and civil service officers dedicated to digital, mobile, social media and app development for 227 overseas consulates and the Washington, D.C.-based Bureau. Built a one-person deep role into a fully-funded and resourced division for the Bureau.

  • Set strategic outreach and public engagement vision for the @TravelGov brand across multiple platforms and technologies: twitter, Facebook, reditt, and more.
  • Formulated policy and guidance for the use of developing technology, mobile design, and social media integration for national campaigns targeting multiple audiences.
  • Provided direction and leadership for the development, implementation and analysis of digital campaigns for multiple and diverse audiences with different levels of understanding.
  • Publicly presented to governments, industry and partners on the use of digital projects and tools to create innovative citizen engagement.
  • Advised Senior State Department leadership on digital services, systems development, product design and how to understand social media metrics.
  • Traveled globally to train, collaborate and liaison with international partners.
  • Managed crisis communications campaigns on a global scale with national news followings — as we closed embassies in real time.
  • Spearheaded White House digital government and innovation-based special projects.

There is more, like Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Consulting, the NCIS European Headquarters, Creating a nationwide Women-led Marketing and event company, franchising and fitness, and a passion for entrepreneurship.